A TurboC 4U Insurance Brokers

Established in 1996, A TurboC 4U currently is one of the oldest insurance broker companies in Latvia. Company was founded by PhD Agris Auce, who is also the chairman of the board.

 Location. We are located in Riga, at Ciekurkalna 1. linija 33 – in a convenient location within a 15 minute drive from the city center. 
               Address:   SIA A TurboC 4U
                                 Ciekurkalna 1 linija 33
                                 Riga LV 1026

 Licences: A TurboC 4U is one of the first insurance broker companies that were licensed by Latvia Financial and Capital Market Commission (www.fktk.lv) and hold the license of insurance brokers Nr. 00006. Currently after the recertification A TurboC 4U have the insurance intermediaries certificate No. 06.09.01/9

Independence: A TurboC 4U is independent from any of the  insurance companies or any other financial structures like banks, leasing companies etc. That differentiates us from many Latvian insurance brokers who have binding performance agreements with insurance companies or some special ties with a bank or a leasing company. Our independence is very important to ensure high standard of professional service for our clients.

Code of conduct: we have our own code of conduct (text available in Latvian only). We follow both our own and Latvia Association of professional insurance brokers code of conduct.

Insurance companies: we work with all insurance companies that are active in Latvia. A TurboC 4U evaluates the financial statements of the insurers as well as their “willingness” to pay claims on a regular basis.  We also closely follow the claims handling procedures of the insurers. That way we insure that our clients get the best claims handling.

Track record: A TurboC 4U has certainly the longest and the best track record among insurance brokers companies in Latvia. We have never had court proceedings or other similar claims against us from insurance companies, clients or Financial and Capital Market Commission. We expect to keep this lead in years to come.

Professional associations: A TurboC 4U is a founding member of Latvia Association of professional insurance brokers.